The modern soliloquies on this site were written by Randy Hasper. Soliloquy is the art of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself, regardless of any hearers. It has it’s roots in the theater, in the play.

The soliloquies on this site were written while I was alone; I spoke them to myself; the play that they exist within is my life.

To speak ones soul about something serious at small length is enough, no additional story line is needed. To hold forth, to unpack ones psyche with no one or everyone watching — I love this form!

The soliloquy is its own genre.

If you are out there listening, enjoy, think, exist.

Randall Hasper


The soliloquies and pastiches on this site may not be used without the written permission of Randall C. Hasper, author. 


  1. If I give you the credit, would I have permission to create a character around your soliloquizes and record them via audio?

    • randy hasper says:

      Joel, thanks for your interest but no you do not have my permission to put my soliloquies to audio and create a character for them. I am working on my own ways to further publish these and the others I am writing. Best of luck with what you do!

      Randy Hasper

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