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Gush, then hush!
But there is so much to touch, in me and about you, so much angry red and such a sad, sad blue!
That’s so, but …
I have also noticed how the word throng bumps so Alice-In-Wonderland along, and how going on too long makes the speech so freakin’ Mad Hatter wrong, and how the rude riot against a healthy diet of quiet is not what anyone wants or needs.
What do we then do with our mad-dog word entourage and our thug-mug emotional devotional, with thoughts so far up the mentally unstable cliff that we are worn out from rappelling back down?
Well, how about if we just shut up?
It’s a thought …
You’ve seen how a verbose win, an armed and fired verbal din undoes within — and without.
Prattle, prattle, rock and rattle; tattle, tattle — it’s a custody battle. Hoarse, hoarse, remorse, remorse; of course, of course it’s a screamin’ divorce!
There is a zephyr, a cool, soft wind that blow through the mind when it stops talking …
We want that.We want more of that soft mental breeze, fragrant with reason, empathy and understanding, the one that wafts into the mind when it is still, the one that blows on the precipice and carries the cliff swallow up into the beautiful, quiet sky.