Love, love, love,

Eloquence thereof.

Love speaks its mind in rowdy rhyme,

Word quests, fine jests and sweet behests.

It angles, jangles and phrase spangles,

Is fun and pun and fair fight won.

And yet — what fortitude love is framed from!

It doesn’t break upon life’s rack,

It bears the weight of time and space,

And on a lost love’s blunt return,

Love grabs lost love and won’t let go,

And smacks the lips and tips and pips,

And loves up all the jiggly bits.

And in the end — love,

At long last, quiets everything.

Love hushes all critics,

Ends all nags,

Stifles all groaners,

And muffles all interrogators.

With soft, safe, sacred silences,

Love ends the verbal din.


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