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He placed a paper-thin, white wrapper on each garlic clove, and then he put more of living gift-wrapping over the whole garlic head in front of him.

“This will keep the sulfurs moist and fresh until they use them,” he said smiling.

“It’s the perfectly exquisite wrapper, bonnet, envelope, sheath for flavonoids!” he added with great warmth and affection.

Yesterday, so long later, I noticed this perfect thin, white wrapper when I used a garlic press to squish the yummy, savory garlic spice into my developing pot of steaming white bean soup.

Gifts, presents, treats — wrapped and placed in containers — just for me?

And thinking on it — so many things are like this — oranges with thick, pungent bright orange rinds, bananas with perfectly peel-able yellow jackets, apples with shiny red edible skins — pouches for essential nutrients — my potassium, my fiber, my folic acid, I thank inside.

In times like these, when fear is high, and uncertainty rules the world, I find it helpful to notice the small, safe, spectacular, protective container-gifts I have been given.

My skin, the bag I live in, all twenty-one square feet of it, holding all my organic machinery, it benefits from the stream of packages sent to me.

And more containment yet — 300 million cells in me containing me.

My leukocytes! My defenders!

And so much more.

My cottons, my silks, my linen, my fabrics! My protectors!

My rafters! My beans! My roof tiles! My safety!

Cars, buses, trains, planes — my many-miled metal skins.

I live covered, enclosed, enfolded, encased, protected.

Oh for those who don’t or won’t or can’t!

I must take great care of them and bring them inside. I must bring covers to them and keep them safe, the lost, homeless, disenfranchised, the refugees, the immigrants.

This is love, to put a coat over another one. This is love! To put a sheath over life.

I look out into earth’s atmosphere, its stratification, layers, exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere and troposphere — love!

These wonderful sky-wrappings enclose me, keep in my heat, hold in my weather, protect me from space rocks hurtling towards the planet — turn meteors of stony iron, nickel and ice to vapor and dust.

I am protected.

And yet the world reels. And I reel. Don’t you think I’ve noticed? It reels and I shake from the execrable, break-through vitriol, vomit, vengeance, venom, virus, victims, vanity, violence. It penetrates the shields and yet and yet …

Food, body, home and earth yet my covering.

Yes, a large meteor might annihilate my city. Yes, a volcano may obliterate my sky. Yes, a coronavirus may kill me. Yes, one day the sun will vaporize the planet but yes, yes, yes today I experience my wondrous layers of protection and I know where they came from.

“They’re really going to like this!” He said chuckling — bark, dermis, film, membrane, carapace, shell, scale, sheath, skin, hull, capsule, chamber, package, pocket, packet, pouch!”

Steady yourself soul.

Protective layers all around.