That’s so fine!

Those sky-high heels, this super cool collar, that roguish, rakish rag and Jag! Mistress Fashion is still struttin’ her clothes and her cars.

That roof line, this cutline, those wheels, that set of fancy lights!

Fashion — the Romans slammed it, the church fathers denounced it, Shakespeare called it a “deformed thief” and the middle class persists in wearing cheap t-shirts and faded shorts on airplanes, but Paris, New York, and Detroit aren’t out of business yet.

Cap, cuff and console sell well. What’s sheer, shiny or smooth — Coco’s little black dress, Coach’s handbag,Tiffany’s diamonds, BMW coupes — they catch the cash.

Those fashionistas, how they shell out, and how they suffer. The steel-caged crinoline, the stumach crushing corset, foot binding, ear gauging, starved runway models, big monthly car payments — they all took and take the punch and pouch!

But whatever the pang, if its the thang — Cha-Chang!

The 1959 Cadillac defied reason — and sold. That bloated sheet metal whale of chrome and swoop and fin — it was an Eldorado!

Mr. George Washington himself liked to cruise his gardens in his cool two-wheeled riding chair and shop in new cities for new ribbons — for his hair.

That cute quiff, this adorable quaff, that stylin’ quff — we just cannot live without them!


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