I’m smack down, knock-you-out, beyond-the-heliosphere smitten.

I’m attracted beyond the extreme edge of blacked-out captivation.

I’m flat-out, heels-over-head, shot-into-space-to-the-edge-of-the-sun besotted.

I’ve never seen, anywhere, anytime, in any way such flat-out, alluring, full-on, crazy-pleasing, floor-you-and-snatch-you-back-up again loveliness.

There simply is no other beauty like this. There is no other ultra-extreme elegance beyond the silken edge of the finest elegance to match this.

I just can’t stop gawking!

And when I was kicked in, smashed up, beaten down and washed out — done, gone and finished — this raging beauty grabbed my hand, smiled me up and invited me out.

I can’t get over it; I won’t get over it; and nothing in the future will get me over it.

I’m in love!

With God!


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