Open up, eyes!

Out of bed sacked head!

Blink goodbye to downed night, and Hi-five upped sun.

Look, it’s a new day peeking through your upcurved-curtain lashes.

Turn out of your soft, shining bed to safe sun and bright star-kissed world.

Another night’s scary sorting has been warded off; day’s sane-slit and lash-louvered glow is back.

Up and out in it, how astonishing is the surrounding glory of the day’s sun-circle tour.

The bright squares of it, rectangles, circles, ellipsoids and serpentines of it.

Every wheel, waterway, window, wild and winding walk afire,

Glistening on the edge of our downy cheeks,

Angled through our slotted windows —

Life-making light!



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