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I’m looking into your eyes right now.  I love you.

Don’t quit not quitting on yourself, whatever is in your heart — big, important, longing stuff like the quest for true love.

Swing tenacity’s knife exactly as sagacity has swung your willy, nilly dilly head.

Look reality in its bright, bulging, blinking eye.

Track down any self-care apathy within, jump any legitimacy laxity — kill them both.

And don’t forget to take up the continuous, scientific adoration of honesty.

If you adore emotional integrity, if you favor psychological congruency, if you pound out new affective territory — then you will not fall off a cliff at night and you will not lose all you have always hoped for.

Here is what to do.

Stare love right in the snout and speak the truth, lean in and grind out a bushel basket of openness, eat a yard of authenticity and knock back true falsity.

Shout, charge and retake the emotional high ground.

What are you thinking?

You are all that anyone could ever want — you precious cargo, you personhood of inestimable value, you absolutely gorgeous emotive mess.

You’re tired?

Okay, go watch some brain dead TV.

You’ve tried and failed?

Okay, go to bed and get some sleep.

Remember when we had lunch last week. I told you that the first three tries don’t keep the fourth from succeeding.

In the face of failure, tenacity is the still the best policy — and ontogeny.

If you can’t grow one thing then grow another, you long, glorious bank of radiant blooms planted in previous springs.

Every seed you have ever sown — even if it has died in someone else — has flowered in your own soul. 



Open up, eyes!

Out of bed sacked head!

Blink goodbye to downed night, and Hi-five upped sun.

Look, it’s a new day peeking through your upcurved-curtain lashes.

Turn out of your soft, shining bed to safe sun and bright star-kissed world.

Another night’s scary sorting has been warded off; day’s sane-slit and lash-louvered glow is back.

Up and out in it, how astonishing is the surrounding glory of the day’s sun-circle tour.

The bright squares of it, rectangles, circles, ellipsoids and serpentines of it.

Every wheel, waterway, window, wild and winding walk afire,

Glistening on the edge of our downy cheeks,

Angled through our slotted windows —

Life-making light!